Over the years that MSCP has been working there are many children and adults that have been helped in various ways, often given the opportunity to improve their health, education or spiritual well being because of the prayerful and sacrificial giving of our supporters. We have asked some of them to write a short piece about how the project has helped them, so as you read be encouraged at what God is doing in peoples lives in so many ways.

Beatrice Njeri
I’m Beatrice Njeri, I’m 21 years old and a student from the university of Nairobi. I’m in my second year, taking a degree course in psychology, sociology and history.

When I was in Form 3 in 2011, after I lost my grandmother who was my guardian and my breadwinner, I had no one to pay my school fees and also to provide my upkeep. I used to be sent to collect my fee, but there was none to pay for my fees, so I would just stay at home.

I turned to my close relatives who I thought could have helped but none could. My single mum could not help because she had a big burden of taking care of my 3 siblings, also she had no job and depended on manual labour which was unpredictable.

I thought of dropping out of school, so that I could look for job to get money to pay for my fees. With much tears and sorrow God could hear my prayers, and He sent me Sonia who took up my burdens and placed them onto her shoulders. From that time, I was never sent home for fees.

MSCP has been a great help to me up to now. I bless the Lord for MSCP and the good work they are doing, I am this far because of MSCP; MSCP has restored my hope to live. I now feel like a person.

It is in the university that I have discovered my potential. I am very determined to work for the betterment of the society by giving psychological counselling, maintaining law and order and by fighting for the rights of vulnerable in the society. Thanks a lot.

Moses Kiarie
My name is Moses and MSCP started to help me in 2007. I had dropped out of school due to a lack of basic needs at home and gone to the street.

Staff from the project met me on the street and encouraged me to visit and eventually bought me uniforms and I was taken to school. I joined Class 5. I worked very hard and forgot street life and in 2010 I did my class 8 and scored 348 marks out of 500.

I joined Kirimara High School in 2011 from where I sat for my Form 4 examination. Currently I am waiting for the results.

The project has been my home since 2007; during school breaks I spend the holiday at the project. I feel very humbled by Chris and Sonia who are the founders of this organisation. May God provide for them in abundance because they are a blessing to the lives of many children and adults. I also salute all those who support this project, the sponsors and other donors and those who pray for it to keep going.

Psalms 61:2 is my prayer; I believe God will lead me to the rock that is higher than I. This rock is being referred to as a street kid, or a poor person among others.

In the future after my education I pray that God will help me to support somebody who will be in need. I believe street children will become a thing of the past.

I thank God and those whom He used to deliver me from the streets. I had lost hope in life but now I can see a bright future ahead of me. May God guide you all as you bring hope to many families. I don’t have the words to express my sincerest gratitude because I am lacking words to use when I recall my past but I can’t fail to pray that God blesses you all.