Molo Street Children Project is a Christian, community based organisation that is working with street children and poor families in the Molo area of Kenya.  Amy’s House is an off-shoot of MSCP.

We started working in Molo in 2003 (please see our ‘History‘ page for more information) and in January 2018 we signed an agreement and handed over the major part of our work to Missions of Hope International (MOHI), who we are now partnering with; more facts about them can be gained from their website.

AIC Molo Youth group visiting

Family photo!

Our current work is involved with the direct support of twenty-six children, six of whom we house in foster care with 2-4 others joining for various parts of the school holidays. The children in foster care are aged between seven and thirteen years and they are either orphans or have untenable home situations which made it dangerous for them to stay with parents or guardians. At present, we are housing them in a ‘tired’ wooden house, however, we are in the process of planning for and building a stone house on a plot of land that will be able to accommodate these children and offer protection for other children in need of short-term rescue and care.

The other children in our care are in universities, colleges, taking vocational training courses, in MOHI schools, local boarding schools or supported at home with very needy parents or grandparents.

Our aim is to support and nurture these children and to see them and their communities transformed by the love of Christ. We seek to support them through school to the highest level that their ability will take them and on to university or vocational training. We desire that they will become productive members in the community.

To do this, a home is provided with a resident Housemother, Miriam, from where they attend local schools, with the older children often attending boarding schools. We provide a loving environment where they live as a family unit: nurtured, trained and encouraged to grow up as rounded, confident individuals. God is a central part of the home and the children know him as Creator and Provider and are being encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Him. Cultural links are maintained as are family ties wherever possible.

Childern in Amy's house with Foster mum

Children in Amy’s House with their foster mum.

The project is managed by Tabitha who, along with two other staff, assist Miriam in nurturing and caring for these children. We also have a counsellor who spends time with the children weekly, helping them to overcome some of their psychological issues. The children spend time with their families or guardians during some school holidays and definitely at Christmas (this is a Government directive).

The project supports students at various Kenyan universities who have been helped throughout their primary and secondary schooling. In May 2019, we sent the nineteenth and twentieth project students to university. Thirteen students have graduated, one has dropped out and six are still studying. Although there is a government loan scheme available for students, it operates a term in arrears and often only covers education costs, not living costs – therefore, we are looking for sponsorship for these students to support their living and upkeep needs.

We are working hard to generate more income from within Kenya through corporate sponsorship and income generating schemes, we believe this is essential to the project’s sustainability.

Amy's House

The name ‘Amy’s House’ is in memory of Amy Welsh, a vibrant 20-year-old from Northern Ireland who died after a short illness in 2012. Amy had visited the project in 2011, fell in love with the children and was planning to return after completing university. Her parents, Bill and Karen, have been supporting the children in the house and have joined with us to raise funds for the building of the permanent property.