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Dear Friends,

Well, here we are into the second month of 2021. What a year 2020 was! We were all glad to see the end of it, but 2021 has started even harder. In Kenya the Covid situation appears under control. Numbers are down, things have opened up again. We were relieved when all schools reopened, and most things are back to normal.

Chris returned from Kenya 6 days before Christmas with tales and pictures of the progress of the children’s house. We had made big strides into the completion and were really excited at the thought of the children being in early in the New Year. We were grateful for those who especially remembered the children leading up to the Christmas season.

We were able to provide 40 food parcels, to our children going home to their parents and guardians and others in great need. Thanks to Emma and her daughter Isla who gave her pocket money. The children were able to have a fun day before they went home and a much-enjoyed meal of Chicken chips and soda. Each child also received a personal gift. Thanks also to Cheryl from USA the children all had a new Christmas outfit.

3rd January saw all our children back to school and we are especially pleased that 2 new students joined University. John in January and Joseph at the beginning of February. Please keep them in your prayers. Work has continued on the house since January and the house itself is now complete. We still have some work to complete on the outside to make the compound safe for the children to move in. Our funds have been stretched and please join us in praying to get the final funds to complete the work.

We are grateful to announce that Edward Nganga, (many of you know Edward as our previous Social worker) who has a real passion for his community, especially children in need, has rejoined our staff at the beginning of January to spearhead our re-branding and launch our rescue centre.

We are so grateful to all our sponsors. Many of you have walked with us for many years and we are truly grateful. It has enabled us to continue to support many needy children in Molo. We need more funds to pay wages and provide security for the new building, as well as more staff to run the new centre. If you are wondering if we are still having an impact, I assure you we are. Recently one of the youngsters who we support and who has been at home with her mother during the pandemic lockdown was found to be unable to walk. When we organized for her to be taken to hospital we were told that she had a broken tibia. She was in pain and we had to get her a wheelchair. After several weeks and an early morning trip of 3 hours to a Mission hospital near Nairobi, a second Xray was done and it was decided the leg had healed and she needed intensive Physio. I am sure none of us could imagine having a broken leg and no one being aware!! We are raising funds to get her operated on as soon as possible. There is still much need. If you or anyone who know would like to support this much needed work in Molo, please click the link below or complete the form which is attached to this newsletter.

Love from Sonia D

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