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05/03/2012 11:32:13

You could be involved in making life better for one of these four children; Wanjiku, Rahab, Lucy and Mwangale.

Wanjiku requires sponsorship for a better lifeWanjiku is from a very poor family with a single mother. She is very promising and has been offered a place to get into a boarding school to maximize her potential. Her mother does casual work when she can, but is unable to support her through school. Sponsorship required is £30 per month. Rahab needs your sponsorship for a better life in Kenya


Rahab comes from a very poor family with a single mother who does casual labour when it is available. She has just completed primary education and needs help for secondary schooling or to learn a trade, as she is older.  Sponsorship required is £20 per month. 

Lucy requires sponsorshipLucy is from a family of 5 children. Her mother has a mental health problem and her father died in 2007. She is looked after by her 18 year old sister. She has finished primary school and needs help to go to secondary school; this starts in February. Sponsorship required is £20 per month.


Mwangale requires your sponsorship to lead to a better lifeMwangale is an orphan. He lives with his grandmother who has care of 7 other children. He has just completed primary school and needs help to go and learn a trade. Sponsorship required is £20 per month.


All funds will go directly towards the work amongst Molo Street Children.

These are the alternative ways to give financially to Molo Street Children Project.

  • Cheque
  • Gift Aid
  • Regular Donation

We are a registered charity and can therefore claim Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer. This will increase the amount of your donation to us. To donate with Gift Aid, please download this form and return it with your cheque.

If you would like to donate regularly, please contact us for a standing order.

Please send cheques made payable to 'International Teams UK' (mark it clearly "Molo Street") to:

International Teams
P.O. Box 11
Brecon, Powys, Wales  
United Kingdom

 Tel: 01874 611995


Molo Street Children Project, PO Box 261, Molo, Kenya, 20106

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