Molo Street Children Project
is a Christian, community based organization that is working with street children and poor families in the Molo area of Kenya.

Our aim is to rehabilitate former street children into productive members of the community and to support families to look after children at home, to prevent them from going on the street in the first place, or returning to street life after a period of rehabilitation.

To do this, we provide pre-school, nursery education to young children and those who have never attended formal schooling. We have arrangements with five primary schools in Molo who will accept children from the project. We assist by providing uniform and school fees for formal schooling with follow up support where needed. Each case is dealt with individually in an attempt to get each family to contribute something to their child's education. In one school where there are over 60 children who have come through the project, we provide lunches on a daily basis - this sometimes is the only meal these children will get. We desire the children live at home with their family wherever possible, we do not wish to run a children's home.

On a case by case basis, in addition to the schooling described above, we provide vocational training, a feeding programme, family support and guidance, basic healthcare, spiritual nourishment and counselling.

We try to identify the best academic route for children depending on their ability and potential. This can involve decisions to send them to boarding schools in order to reduce the risk of them going on the streets, which is a risk when a child attends a day school; but it costs a lot more. We support children through secondary school and onto University. Although there is a Government loan scheme available for students, it operates a term in arrears and often only covers education costs, not living costs. We now have 7 young men who have been supported by the project who are in university.

We provide income generating opportunities and casual work for some of the families.

We work with sponsors who support individual children, families and certain aspects of the work.

We are working hard to generate more income from within Kenya through corporate sponsorship and income generating schemes. The Founders believe that the project has the greatest chance of lasting significance if the staff and memebers generate more than half of its own annual income.


Molo Street Children Project, PO Box 261, Molo, Kenya, 20106

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