Future Development

We now have a Kenyan Programme Manager, Titus Gicheru.


We praise God for him - very useful for income generating and hopefully develop the staff into a more independent workforce, less reliant on finanaces from overseas and generating more from within the country. 

There are, however, needs.....prayer is the greatest! 

  • We have a number of children that we are helping through school and university, that if they were sponsored by an indivdual, or group then their support would not come from general funds.
  • We wish to develop the site - a lack of on-site accommodation for visitors is frustrating, although we are able to transport people relatively easily.
  • Funds to buy uniforms
  • Regular financial donation are required to pay for staff wages, food, and equipment.
  • To expand the project’s income generating schemes - we desire to buy land instead of suffering the uncertainties through renting.
  • To help families of the children become more independent in sustaining an income.
  • To develop health education and maternal and child health services, especially family planning.
  • To develop a counselling service.
  • To continue to show the boys and girls the love of God.



Molo Street Children Project, PO Box 261, Molo, Kenya, 20106

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