Current Status

Over 190 children have been placed in school and some are provided with food through a lunch scheme. The youngest child we look after is about 18 months old, we have 1 young lady and 7 young men at University and the most advanced of these is in 3rd year at Kenyatta University in Nairobi. There are 2 more students who have qualified to go to University in September 2014.

A social worker is employed to visit the families of the children, and encourages families to keep their children at home, instead of on the streets. She works with a volunteer and they are kept very busy. We work closely with the Children’s Department, Police and other Governement Departments.

The day center caters for between 20-30 children daily, and up to 100+ during school holidays who receive food, washing facilities, Bible input, literacy and school tuition. We provide lunches in school for 70 children daily.

Currently 2 boys and the sister of one are resident in the hostel. We support 5 children in foster care and numerous others at home with parents or relatives. We have recently been able to purchase a plot of land with a house, electricty and water on it, adjacent to the project site. We plan to use this as a foster home where all the children that we foster can stay, so creating, God willing a greater sense of 'family' and stability for them.

The project employs 10 permanent staff, and 3 non permanent staff, doing a variety of jobs such as counselling, cooking, teaching, training and care work. 

The project is seeking to become more self sustaining through farming, now have a 50 acre arable farm about 30 minutes away from the centre where we farm wheat, potatoes, cabbages, peas and beans, chicken and rabbit rearing. We have a cow, which has calved, a boar and sow and twelve piglets, that should be ready for market in June 2014.

We support some grandparents and poor parents by paying to work at the project 'shamba' or market garden, so empowering them and making them able to support their families as they have some cash and so able to support their families. Some grandparents have been left with up to 9 orphaned or abandoned children.


Molo Street Children Project, PO Box 261, Molo, Kenya, 20106

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