Molo Street Children Project is a Christian, community based organization that is working with street children and poor families in the Molo area of Kenya.
Our aim is to rehabilitate former street children into productive members of the community and to support families to look after children at home, to prevent them from going on the street.

To do this, we provide pre-school education and access into local primary school, uniforms, lunches in school and school fees for formal schooling with follow up support. We work with families to help them support children in their own homes, not in a children's home. We give family planning and guidance whenever appropriate. We work with the men in the household to encourage women's rights and also empowering women to be able to say 'NO' when they have got enough children. We also offer basic healthcare, spiritual nourishment and counselling.

We provide paid  casual work for some of the families so that they are becoming able to earn money in order to support their families, and particularly make the ladies less dependant on the men around them who expect favours in return for their benevolence.

MSCP is a non-profit making organization.


Molo Street Children Project, PO Box 261, Molo, Kenya, 20106

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